Friday, April 18, 2014

Highlights of December 2013 - April 2014

It's been awhile.  Photos are super disorganized but I've got some cute ones.  Here's what we've been up to.

Christmas!  Yikes!  It was great but happened a million years ago.

Christmas eve dinner and Aunty Meghan's and Uncle Dean's place.  Yum!

Gran bought Quinn his first motorized vehicle.  Look out!

Quinn didn't make a peep the whole walk to school.  This is what I found when I got there and finally took a look at him.  Poor little dude.  

 The kids loving the rare snow which only shows itself a few times a year.  Quinn wasn't a fan so I'll spare the photos of him crying and trying to get back into the house.

I have to give Grandma Debbie credit for the last two photos.  Sledding fun!

 Happy 6th Birthday!

We had Garrett's party in the Lynn Valley School gym.  We wore the kids out playing dodgeball.

 Quinn had his first haircut and wasn't a fan.  I can't believe that the lady was able to cut it.  He spent most of the time under the steering wheel.  

Kelsey likes to be the entertainment when we have company for dinner.  This time Shannon, Bradley and Madeline enjoyed the show.

Quinn loves his bubbles.  Actually, right now it's the only way we can get him into the bath. 

Too much technology in this household.   

Kelsey continued her Friday dance lesson until April.  We're taking a break now and she's enjoying gymnastics instead.

Spending way too much money at Costco.  Where's Kelsey? 

We finally finished doing an expensive reno of our downstairs bathroom.  Quinn really likes Daddy's new shower.  He disappeared for a bit one day and this is where I found him.  Strange kid. 

 Spring break.  Making the best of the weather in Deep Cove.

Both kids have new bikes and are loving riding.  Garrett would ride all day if we let him. 

Rocks.  What boy doesn't love rocks? 

Having a blast snowshoeing with Gran. 

Well that's a quick summary.  The kids are growing up so fast.  Quinn turned two April 4th and is a very sweet and easygoing little guy.  He is still saying very little but we all know what he wants.  Everything is Momma or Dadda.  He also likes to snort (pig) and moo and has just added a very cute 'Uh-oh.'  It's fun to ask him questions like who drooled all over the couch or tossed his food on the floor as his answer is always, "Dadda."  Daddy gets blamed for everything.

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